Software Development Articles I Have Published

I wrote the following white papers while a consultant with Travelport working on a massive WPF project. I have also published them at The Code Project website — you can search for “Stacy Smyth” to see the articles and sample code there.

All of the articles apply to C#/WPF 4.0.

The “Third Way” of Change Notification: the ValueChangedEventManager and How to Clean Up its Memory Leaks: How bindings can receive change notification from source POCOs that don't implement INotifyPropertyChanged, and how to correct the associated memory leaks


Autonomous Validation: Extending IDataErrorInfo to Make Validation Simpler & More Robust: How to get all of your controls to wire themselves up for validation with only a single line of XAML per view


Reducing Memory Footprint and Object Instance Sizes: StructLayoutAttribute Is Only the Beginning: Calculating the size of objects, and unexpected ways to make them smaller.


Delaying Element Initialization for Collapsed Controls: How to improve XAML load speed (performance) by delaying the initialization of collapsed controls